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Vision Statement

We aspire to become the globally preferred independent community bank for SMEs, professionals and individuals. We will combine stable growth, steady profits and strict control of risk factors to provide safety for our depositors and money senders. Our people will be the key to achieving this alignment between profit and enhancing shareholder value. We strive to make the lives of expats and their families easier by providing the most reliable financial services products on the planet. Focus has always been a core part of our strategy and our initial focus is on the global remittance and savings account industry. Over time, we will leverage our trusted financial services brand and our global network to expand into other financial services.

Mission Statement

We are here to help millions of expatriates all over the world who are making tremendous sacrifices by leaving their families and loved ones behind for the sake of living and working in other countries. These unsung heroes keep their promises to take care of their loved ones, and provide them with money to provide them with a decent life. At GXEGY, we work hard to help them transfer that money to their families and loved ones safely, easily and instantly.

Core Values

  • We value an uncompromising dedication to understanding and meeting our clients' financial needs.
  • We recognize and reward the contributions of our team members and believe that qualified, loyal, and committed professionals are our most valuable asset.
  • We practice prudent business planning and cost management strategies to ensure financial viability and responsible growth.
  • We embrace change and continually seek ways to provide quality, cost-effective services that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.
  • We seek to establish a relationship of trust and respect with our clients and value integrity as an organization and as individuals.
  • We are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. We will go above and beyond what is required to attract and retain cherished business relationships. Our goal is to build relationships. We Revolve Around You.